Saturday, February 21, 2009

Another Book

I've now finished my third Francine Rivers book. After "The Shofar", I read "Leota's Garden". It was pretty good. And then next I read "The Last Sin Eater". I highly recommend this one. (As an added bonus, I just found out it was made into a movie a couple years ago and the library has it- so that's next on my agenda!!! I'd recommend reading it first, though!)

(If you don't know what a Sin Eater is, look it up!)

The book is about a young girl, Cadi, in the 1850s in the Smoky Mountains looking for redemption for things from her past- looking in all the wrong places. In the book, she has an imaginary friend named Lilybet and I liked this conversation between them:

[Lilybet speaking] "Life isn't fair. It's difficult. From the moment you draw your first breath to the last."
"Why does it have to be that way?"
"Because men are stubborn. They wanted their own way, and God allowed them to have it."
"And so Fagan and I must suffer."
"As all suffer. It's one long test of faith, refining you for what you were meant to be."
"And what's that?"
"Find out."

"Why can't I know now? Why can't ye just tell me?"
"Because you're stubborn, too. You still refuse to understand, even when the truth is all around you in everything you see from the depths of the earth to the stars of the heavens."

All the anger went from me [Cadi] and my throat tightened with grief. "I don't want to be stubborn, Lilybet. I want to understand."
"You will find all the pieces and God will bring them to light."
"When will that be?"
"In his time."

Go get it and read it! [I still have the copy from the main library here, but I'll return it soon!]


Kristy said...

Brenda, I couldn't finish reading your post, because I just went to the library yesterday and got 2 Francine Rivers books - The Last Sin Eater, and The Atonement Child. I'm starting on The Atonement Child first. I didn't want to read anything that might give anything away! I'm glad you liked it. My best friend was in a book/movie club and they watched the movie The Last Sin Eater and she told me how good it was. I'll let you know about The Atonement Child - or you will probably go get it!