Thursday, October 22, 2009

Nice Warm Quilt

My beautiful mother (who I posted about a couple weeks ago on her birthday) surprised me with a package in the mail today. Inside was this (made by her). It really couldn't have arrived at a better time: Me wrapped up and cozy (picture taken by Jacob, thus out of focus)....

Some of the blocks I like the most:

(Mom, did you know this one- below- is the same fabric I used in the wooden shelf thingy I found at the thrift store and painted a couple years ago?)


And this last one is kind-of is silly, but I was sitting on the loveseat folding laundry (in the place I always sit to fold laundry) and I just love my "view" from there, especially today with the quilt on the chair... so I took a picture. The only thing you can't see is the red tree outside the kitchen window (because of the glare).

Thanks mommy! I LOVE it! You did such a great job!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Recent Gifts

Recently I bought this.... just because it made me smile. I don't even know what it is or what to do with it- but I like having it around.

Tulips in Autumn? The warm temperatures confused them a few years ago and now their confusion makes me shake my head and laugh every year....

When it gets chillier, I burn candles alot... and that always makes me warm and happy....

I look forward to Mums... and I wanted yellow, but Libby wanted these. Pink mums? Not so much. But when I see them I smile because I know my off-beat Libby picked them and I like them for reminding me of her way of viewing things....

Sunday, October 11, 2009


This post is all about SARAH. :-) I've been meaning to post about her soccer game last Saturday (a week ago). I was so proud of her! Her team won with a final score of 3-1. Here's the best part... Sarah scored all FOUR of those goals! :-) The other team didn't have enough girls show up, so each quarter we loaned them 3 of our players. Sarah played the third and fourth quarters for the other team and scored their only goal! Go Sarah!!

Later that evening, she started to feel kind-of tired and by Sunday afternoon was running a fever and spent the next four days at home like this.....

She missed the whole week of school - Monday-Wednesday being sick and then Thursday and Friday were our FALL BREAK. Poor thing. But, she's feeling much better now.

I also wanted to post this next interesting tidbit because I think Melissa will like it... Sarah has taken a liking to pickles and when we went grocery shopping on Friday, she put this gallon jar of pickles in the shopping cart! These jars were a staple in our house growing up because Melissa couldn't live without them. :-) So Sarah must have inherited the PICKLE GENE from her aunt Melissa.

P.S. Check out my Shelfari bookshelf. I really am in the middle of alot of books right now- which I am hoping to get on here and tell you all about as I finish them. I don't usually read so many at once... it just sort-of happened that way. And then today a friend gave me another book, "A Mercy" by Toni Morrison that I am really looking forward to starting... but I just can't until I finish up a couple others.

Luxury Beyond Compare - Part I

I just wanted to post a picture of the house we bought yesterday at the bargain price of $2,250,000. Just kidding. We couldn't even afford the monthly utilities on this place! But we did tour it and they even gave us a free hot dog and Coke just for coming! (Who doesn't love free food?) The information sheet we were given announced, "Welcome to the most luxurious home in North Alabama". I have to say, I was impressed. Something like 6 bedrooms, all with their own private full baths, a master suite with a huge loft, a kitchen with a butcher block "island" that was about the size of my whole kitchen, a "secret passageway" that looks like a bookcase when it's closed (the kids' favorite feature!), an elevator, a movie theater with recliner seating for 20.... a third floor with more big rooms with names like, "Yoga Room" and "Wine Tasting Room"... at 12,000 square feet, a family of five could live in this house and never see each other! (Hmmmm....).

It had some draw-backs. My biggest complaint was that if I had $2,250,000 to spend on a house, I wouldn't buy one wedged into a cul-de-sac where the "view" from the Master bedroom is of the neighbor's driveway. Tim wondered why there was no drain underneath the "shower" on the sun porch. And why there was a shower when there was no pool. (No pool?! A pool would have been nice-especially if it were an indoor heated pool).

I left with my Diet Pepsi in hand, thinking, "So now I've seen the best that North Alabama has to offer". Not bad. But I do have to take exception with the title on the information sheet... "Luxury Beyond Compare". I've been thinking alot about heaven lately, not because I plan to go there any time soon, but because everywhere I turn, God is reminding me that this world is not my home. It is a theme that probably started when I got Aaron Shust's new CD and one of my favorite songs on there became "Ever After"... here's the chorus,
"There's no such thing as Peter Pan
No such place as Never Never Land
I wish we all could have
Those tiny magic wings
But we live in a world with wars
It's not like it was before
We won't find our happy ever after here
There's no such thing"

I find profound and life-changing truth in this. On the surface, it may seem kind-of depressing, but take it from someone who KNOWS "depressing"... it's really the opposite. It is the only answer that makes any sense when we have tried all the world has to offer (and I have tried alot of it)... and yet, our longings are never quite satisfied. Even "the most luxurious home" didn't offer me all I could WANT in a house. And even when we do all the right things, bad things still happen, never mind the grief we experience when we inevitably do the wrong things. And even the best, most faithful christian people live every day in situations that are just hard.

I am still making my way through "Mere Christianity" and C.S. Lewis says it this way.... "If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world".

The house we toured was nice, but they are wrong that there is nothing to compare to its luxury. The many mansions in my Father's House are much more grand and leave nothing to be desired. He is all I need and all I could ever want and my soul will never be completely satisfied until I am with Him forever. I find alot of comfort in realizing that.

I have more to say on this subject.... stay tuned. :-)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Mom

Yesterday, OCTOBER 5, was the birthday of my favorite mother of all times.... Bonnie Sue. If you mistakenly think that your mother is the best mother ever, you are... well... mistaken. I know this because mine is the best. And, there can only be one "best". (I'm sure your mother is as nice as she can be, though.)

Here is my mom in April in front of her parents' house:

And, as she is known to do, helping at my sister's house by folding laundry (wish she'd come down and fold some of mine)....

Peeling potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner....

And.... washing dishes when it was over.....
One thing my mom and I love to do together when we get the chance is.... puzzles. These are her hands on one of our recent accomplishments (along with my sister wishing you "peace")....

And speaking of hands, she has the softest hands ever. That's from using Vaseline Intensive Care handcream for years and years.

I love to spend time withher. She is a faithful Christian lady, very patient, very kind-hearted, but not afraid to tell you when you're being stupid. She used to collect post cards, she has recently started quilting (again), she knits, crochets, reads constantly, volunteers at church, loves her (ten) grandchildren, hates dogs, and is fun to be around. She has a great sense of humor and it is almost never that you will see her angry. She chooses contentment in most all situations. And I don't know of anyone who doesn't like her. Truly, her children rise up and call her blessed.

If I could be half of what she is... I would be very blessed.

I love you, mom!! Happy Birthday!