Saturday, June 27, 2009


Now that I'm a working woman, blogging has lost its place on my priority list--- :-) I guess something was bound to suffer. (Besides me).

Here are some updates from our life:

First, I have a new best friend. His name is Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush (picture below). I discovered him at work and I just love him. He has made my life easier and brought a pleasant, citrusy smell to my bathroom! I highly recommend him.

This is our first Saturday in a long while with NO soccer, hockey, piano lessons or other childrens' activities. It's kind-of nice. Of course, now that I'm a working mama, I have to spend my Saturdays catching up on housework and laundry (and blogging). Jacob is still going to some hockey practices on Monday nights. Sarah's team lost every game in their tournament last weekend. But she enjoyed the season and made some new friends, so all is well.

Jacob's been out this morning already garage saling. (Across the street). He got this scooter (below) and a little frisbee/ball toy for $3.00. He talked them down from $5.00. :-) In April when our neighborhood was having garage sales, he got a wooden skateboard for $1.00 and when Tim took him to the skateboard store to get some new bearings for it, the guy at the store offered to buy the skateboard for $25. Apparently, it's a classic! Jacob must have inherited this bargain-hunting skill from Larry and Elsie! ;-)

The other day, I was talking to the girls about whether they wanted to continue piano lessons in the Fall and they both said they do, but then I started to talk to Libby about joining band this year and was telling her all the benefits. She asked me why I am always suggesting activities to her and I told her it's because I want her to find something she enjoys and I want to make sure she gets to do what she wants to do. Her reply was, "Mom, I like the peaceful life. I don't want to be running all over every day". Well, that's legitimate, I guess. :-) She said she does want to continue with art lessons. And she said she'd think about band.
So... here she is enjoying the peaceful life. I've said on here that she plays with my camera all the time- here is more proof. I never know what I'll find. I am posting this to show her hair cut, even though her hair is wet in this picture.
I do think I have discovered a hidden talent of Libby's, though. When she's not taking pictures of herself, she actually takes some nice pictures of other things. I LOVE this picture below that she took a couple months ago in our backyard. I am thinking of blowing it up and getting it framed. :-)
Such as they are, those are the highlights. God continues to be faithful and more loving than we deserve. "Holy is the Lord God Almighty. The earth is filled with his glory!"

Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Kids and their many Faults

This post is in response to Kristy's comment that it seems I have perfect kids. First, please keep in mind that I only put the very best things about them on my blog because that's all their grandparents want to hear!! :-) Second, um.......... my kids are SO NOT "easy". Anyone who knows my kids and reads that will laugh, I promise you. I have put in 13 LONG years of blood (literally), sweat and tears raising these little angels and I do see some progress...... but........

This one... he has a temper and he gets mad RIGHT NOW. He doesn't even take a moment to think about it- he just reacts and it's usually negatively. He wasn't spanked enough because we have always thought he was such a cutie.... (heed my warning all you with little ones... spank them often, and the cuter they are, the more they need it!) So he's either throwing a temper tantrum, or acting like a baby most of the time. And usually his teachers complain that he won't stop talking in class. Oh, and he has horrible handwriting.This one with the Myspace Face... wow.... I could write volumes about her, starting at birth. She came home from the hospital ready for some action... she slept about a total of 8 hours in every 24 hour period and it was usually during the day. I was so sleep-deprived I wanted to return her for a refund. She is strong-willed, sassy, bossy and look at that eye makeup! She seems to think the more, the better. One of our favorite stories about her is the time my parents and I were coming back from Chattanooga with the kids and Sarah wanted Libby to sing a song with her. They were probably 7 and 5? Well, Libby wouldn't sing and Sarah was heard to say, "Libby, you have two choices. You can either sing, or I will kick you all the way home". And she fully meant it, I assure you.

Now this one- I think she had potential to be a very sweet child, based on her temperment at birth... but all of that sweetness was beaten out of her by her older sister. (Just kidding- she's still a little bit sweet), but she also has a temper and when she gets mad, she screams at the top of her lungs. The first time she went to school in 3rd grade, at our first parent-teacher conference, I was told that she had been forging good grades on her AR log... giving herself 80s and 90s when the computer log showed that she had actually been mostly getting 40s and 50s. That about sums Libby up- always trying to beat the system, if she thinks she can. And it was no problem to find that picture of her because EVERY TIME I download pictures onto the computer, there are several new ones like this of Libby (or her subjects)... using up my camera battery and space taking silly pictures of herself. Drives me crazy!

Now, I really do love them.... but they are so far from perfect. Ha. I just had to set the record straight.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Miscellaneous Ramblings

Somehow I have deleted my post titles... I didn't mean to! I think I did it when I was trying to fix the header at the top of the blog (which I still haven't gotten the way I want it).... anyone know how to manipulate these blogs and can help me with that? I want that "Brend-a-muses" at the top gone and just to have the lovely matching header, which I would change to include "Brend-a-muses" if I could get rid of the other one. I'm sure that makes no sense! But, this blogging can be frustrating. And hopefully I can get my post titles back soon....

Job update: I finished my first week of work! :-) I was a little worried at the beginning of the week because I was working more hours than I had really wanted to... but there was alot to catch up on.... (which I think I have done) and Thursday and Friday I was off by noon... yay! As long as I continue to mostly be there only 4 or 5 hours, I will be happy. I can handle the occasional longer day if there is work that needs to be done.

I like the work okay... it's kind-of boring there, as it's a small company and there's no one to really chat with very much. I know I generally hate people (people in general, no one in particular), but I also need them. Such a contradiction I live. Ha. :-)

Kids update: Last night we went to Krispy Kreme to get their free doughtnuts with their report cards. Jacob actually didn't get any A's (all B's) but the lady gave the girls (who both got all A's except one B each)... two extra each and then gave me and Jacob a box with four! Yum! (I only ate one!)

Sarah has a practice/scrimmage for soccer in the morning. Their tournament is next weekend. Jacob has his last roller hockey game in the morning. And Libby wants to start a "club" with me where we cook together! Libby can't just cook, it's got to be a club. Anyway- I've got to find some things for her to do.... because I don't really want any club memberships for myself at the present time. Ha.

I have a potential blog topic rolling around in my head, but I have been too tired to write anything of importance on here! Maybe soon!!!!

TGIF! (Not sure when I valued a weekend so much as this one!!!)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Beautiful Flowers from a Beautiful Friend

The award for "The Most Thoughtful Gesture by a Friend" goes to my friend Misty, who yesterday, on my first day of work, had flowers delivered to me!! I was sooooo surprised and delighted! Aren't they gorgeous?!!!! They really brighten up the office. And if I was as thoughtful as Misty, I would not mention this next part....but...... she had written on the card "Happy Birthday a Day Early", and my birthday is actually JULY 9 and not JUNE 9. Because of that error, I will have to reconsider her application for the position of BFF (I think you will agree a BFF should know the birthday).... but I'll keep her anyway. Flowers wins her BIG points.
The job....... I think the jury is still out. I have worked more hours than I intended and I do not enjoy being away from home so much. I miss the kids (yes, you heard me correctly!) and I'm tired. It's also kind-of lonely there, as it's a small company and everyone (but me) is at job sites frequently. But, it's only been two days and I will give it some more time. I can handle the work and will enjoy getting my first paycheck. And it is definitely good for my emotional health to be busy. Also... who knows how God may intend to use me while I'm there....

Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Job? Really?

I got the job! And decided to take it. I am having the hardest time really believing I am about to be among the "employed" again. I don't think I really believed anyone would hire me. :-) Now I have to get up Monday morning, get dressed in something more than jeans and a t-shirt, and go to work. This is such a foreign concept to me, as I haven't had a job in 13 years.... I don't really know how I'll handle it. Could be a good thing. Especially when I get my first paycheck! I'm just not sure how they are going to handle it when I tell them I have to have my morning nap by 9:00! :-) Check back and I'll let you know!

Friday, June 5, 2009


I'm posting to UPDATE everyone on the happenings in our lives. I intend this post to cover alot of ground. I'll try to keep the words to a minimum! :-) The first update is that I dropped my camera and the flash is broken. Tim is working on fixing it, but that will explain why I don't have any good pictures to show. All my pictures are either out of focus or the lighting is bad, or both. Please, just bear with me. :-)

Next, the kitchen floor is just about done. It would be completely done, but when they were finishing up today, one of the guys scratched the floor (a gouge about 2 feet long! oopsy!) and so they have to come back and fix it. Other than that, the floor looks awesome! I am really, really happy with it. It was almost worth the water leak to get a floor I like better than the one I had.

The next exciting news is we got a new dishwasher... yay! No more dish-pan hands!!!Today I had my first JOB INTERVIEW that I have had in like 15 years. :-) It's a long story, but I am sort-of looking for something part time now that the kids are in school. I had sent out some resumes a few weeks ago, but hadn't heard anything and had since put the idea of a job out of my mind for now. But then I got a call and went for an interview today for a part-time administrative assistant job. It is a job very similar to the one I had before I had Sarah... small company, similar work, pleasant environment. I think the interview went well and expect an offer. My problem now is deciding if I want to take it, if it is offered. I've also been contemplating cleaning houses... is there something wrong with me that cleaning houses sounds more appealing than a nice office job???

Here is me before I left for the interview this morning:

We've been getting to spend alot of time with Sam... he took two or three naps last week cuddled up with Libby on the couch... so sweet.

Sarah has four soccer games this weekend, starting tonight (a mini regional tournament). In a couple weeks they have the area tournament. They're not the best team I have ever watched (did I just say that?!) but she is having fun. Both she and Jacob will play soccer again in the fall.

Jacob has a couple more weekends of roller hockey, too. I got to go watch him for the first time last Saturday and it was so much fun. They played 2 on 2 (sometimes they play 3 on 3) and the rink (training facility, actually) is in the back of a Piggly Wiggly warehouse. (Piggly Wiggly is a grocery store, for those unfamiliar with it... and yes, it's a stupid name for a grocery store!! :-)) He was the star of his team this past Saturday. I was also really proud of him because there was a boy that was playing for the first time and Jacob could have just played the whole game himself and scored lots more goals than he did (as it was he scored like 7), but he was a good sport and tried to include the new kid by passing to him and letting him take the face offs. Jacob is like that and I love it about him. Here he is a couple weeks ago (he's number 1 in the blue jersey in these pictures). Going for a goal.......
And just to give equal time, Tim got a better picture of Libby at the piano recital than I got. He didn't get any of Sarah, though.

And that's the story from the Newmans.... :-)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Floor Update

We're getting our new kitchen floor this week. Due to water damage from our dishwasher AND a series of leaks under the sink (in January!!!!!!), we are finally getting the new floor and the dishwasher will be repaired (or replaced). I will be so happy to have this done and NOT have to do dishes by hand any longer.... you have no idea.

Here is a "before" picture from March when I was waiting on the plumber...

And here is what it looked like yesterday after they left. They actually had to take out the sink and the cabinets on the bar area and the dishwasher so they could replace the plywood underneath. This picture was taking after they ripped out the old floor.
The black stuff on the floor is some sort of vinyl they lay down to protect the subflooring.
Sarah posing where the refrigerator used to be (it's in the dining room for now).

The sink in the living room.

Hopefully in a few days I will have lovely "after" pictures to show. I am kind-of excited! I also had an idea a couple nights ago that I am still mulling over in order to help me enjoy my kitchen more. It has outdated brass knobs (pulls) on all of the cabinets and drawers and they are getting worn looking, so I am thinking of replacing them. I've been looking online and the really cute ones are kind-of expensive (as much as $10-$15 EACH)... and I will need 31 of them... so right now I am thinking of buying plain wood pulls from Lowes (for $1.99) and painting or staining them myself.