Monday, March 4, 2013

Catching Up

Here's my life over the past few months in pictures.... Lots of crocheting (made a scarf!)
 Libby turned 15 amid very little fanfare (but she did get her learner's permit):

Jacob on Libby's birthday.

Sarah on Libby's birthday.

Kaitlyn is out of the hospital.

I've lost 7 pounds since giving up Dr. Pepper (although I doubt it is very noticeable to anyone but me).  My new drink of choice is iced green tea... I also save money because I make it at home and carry it with me.

We had the excitement of chasing down the neighbor's three dogs who had escaped and appeared to be on a mission to get as far from home as fast as possible.  It was raining and they were muddy, but we put them in our car. 

This little one was just following the lead of the big ones.

Sarah did a number on my car.  :-(

And that about sums up things from here.