Saturday, October 30, 2010

October 30, 2010

Outside my window...a cold autumn morning (I know because I was out at 5:50 am taking Jacob to daddy to go to hockey practice) Now, however, I'm back in bed and my room-darkening curtains are closed.

I thinking about... 5,000,000 things... no way I could unload them all here. But mostly I am thinking about not having to work today. And taking an afternoon nap later! (Used to be a daily habit, now it is a luxury!

I am thankful for...friends that hang on through IT ALL, keep loving, serving, offering, checking, praying....

In the learning rooms...thinking about college (for me) again... :-) I can do an entire accounting degree online...but not if I don't sign up. :-)
I am eating...Zyrtec

I am wearing...comfy nightgown

I am reading...John Grisham's collection of short stories, "Ford County" and loving them. Next up, his newest book, "The Confession". Can't wait!

I am hoping... in the One whose mercy rains on me

From the kitchen... wishing I had made pumpkin bread while my mom was here... but, in its absence, enjoying goodies from a "housewarming" basket from a lovely English friend who knows how to do baking right. (And still thinking of making the pumpkin bread).
I am hearing...Chris Tomlin... "Mercy Rains"

One of my favorite things... a new Shiatsu heated foot massager I got for $10 after I used my coupons and Kohls cash!!!!

I am praying...oh, so hard, for my kids... as we go through a hard time.

A picture to share.... this is late, but I still don't have a camera (I'm hoping to get some more recent pictures up soon).... here is my beautiful Sarah on Homecoming night with some of her friends. (She's in the red dress). My baby is growing up... which is a sad and happy thing all at once.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Saw the movie/documentary "Babies". Loved, loved, loved it! A must-see! It shows that the most important to thing to proper develop of humans is LOVE. (There's an African mama with no shirt ... maybe not a good movie for little boys!)