Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday 9/25/10

Outside my window...night has fallen
I am thinking...about strongholds and addiction, freedom and healing
I am thankful for...the way God moves in my life, for knowing he is real
In the learning rooms...good progress reports for the kids (mostly great)
I am eating...some Gobstoppers and I should focus on the "stopper" part of that
I am wearing...long-sleeved button up shirt (sleeves rolled up), pajamas shorts- both plaid and both light blues, greens and yellows, but NOT matching
I am
I am church in the morning
I am reading...AS (Atlas Shrugged), Boundaries (with a sweet bunch of women I just discovered at church)
I am hoping...yes, I am
From the kitchen... soon, soon I will post the cake recipe
I appreciate...a new job that I love (so far) that really just seemed to fall from heaven and it's even close to Misty's office, so we can begin having lunch again weekly... yay!!!! :-)
I am hearing...stupid dog whining, Sarah texting (impatiently waiting for the computer)
One of my favorite homemade ice cream (especially with strawberries!)
I am praying...for strength this week, for a gracious spirit, for God to guide, for me to follow, for peace and more peace...

Monday, September 20, 2010


Outside my window...darkness, my across-the-street neighbor's porchlight
I am thinking...about transparency and healing and God's love
I am thankful for...some new friends (and a bible study) even when I really wasn't wanting any

In the learning rooms... Sarah got accepted into NJHS! Also, I've been helping my homegirl Melissa with her writing class and frankly, feel very concerned that her teacher is allowed to teach.
I am eating...nothing, but earlier ate some cookies and Cheez-its and I wish I hadn't
I am wearing... Pooh Bear night shirt that says "Friends make your dreams sparkle" (Huh?)
I am creating...a glorious novel
Around the house... cleaned, cleaned, cleaned today
From the kitchen....Libby made the most delicious cake from Taste of Home magazine a couple nights ago- Vanilla Ring Cake... oh my. I'll share the recipe soon.
I am bed in a bit and hopefully to sleep, but you never know...
I am reading...The Pursuit of God, Atlas Shrugged (still). Be expecting Atlas Shrugged on this list for a long time to come.
I am hoping...that I will get the job I interviewed for last week! It's about as close to perfect for me right now that I think I will find. :-)
I appreciate... God for whispering to me that He will "never leave me nor forsake me"
I am hearing...the computer hum and myself typing, the chair creaking
One of my favorite things... Soft Scrub foaming cleanser for kitchens (lemon scent)
I am praying...for my cousin Kristy who is having emotional psychosis ;-)

A picture to share... my dad's parents' grave... lovingly decorated by my dad's brother. Possibly the best decorated grave in the entire cemetery.

Friday, September 10, 2010

This Week in My Life


Outside my window...sunny, a little breezy, birds flying by, green leaves on trees that will soon turn colors (and hopefully not just brown because that happens some years)

I am thinking...that some homemade cookies sound really good and I bought some Heath Bar bits at the grocery store yesterday.....

I am thankful for...some peace and quiet, a relatively clean house

In the learning rooms... projects, tests, math homework EVERY night

I am eating...drinking a glass of ice water!

I am wearing...khaki shorts, Possum Trot, KY T-shirt

I am (got some new beads yesterday)

Around the house... more cleaning out, hauling things away

I am a new bible study tonight that I am a little nervous about

I am reading...The Pursuit of God, Atlas Shrugged

I am hoping...that my current tummy ache is not about to become a major sickness

I appreciate... a call this morning from a new friend just wanting to say hi

I am hearing...the computer hum, the dog's nose on the blinds as he tries to look out the window

One of my favorite things... Jacob singing in church... love to listen to him

I am praying...for my friend Lisa who buried her mom on Saturday

A picture to share...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I haven't been finding (i.e. making) alot of time for blogging lately. But I got this idea from my friend Lisa's blog and I think it may make things easier for me right now to update at least once a week. The idea is from this website:

And it just takes answering some simple questions...


Outside my window... it is overcast, a bit dreary and still

I am thinking... about loss. Two of my parents' neighbors (women I knew growing up) passed away within the past month (both unexpectedly) and today Lisa's mom went to heaven, only like 8 months after her husband. I think she died from a broken heart and I have been thinking about that all day.

I am thankful for... my friend Sonja because today is her birthday! Happy Birthday Sonja!

From the learning rooms... I don't homeschool, but we're up to our eyeballs in Geometry and Lowest Common Multiples and reading logs and projects...

From the kitchen... just made an Asian chicken and rice dish out of a box that wasn't too bad... I substituted pork for the chicken.

I am wearing... khaki shorts, my new favorite black polo, a barrett keeping my hair back, no shoes or socks

I am creating... I started writing my novel! I'm serious!! A brilliant idea came to me a few days ago for the novel I have always wanted to write and I started writing and couldn't stop. This was inspired, partly, I think, by a friend of mine here in Huntsville who just had a book published (see below).

I am going... to church in a while. There I will see Lisa's mom's best friend and I will hug her neck.

I am reading... Just finished "The Healer's Apprentice" by Melanie Dickerson (I have a signed copy!!) I highly recommend it. It's a christian book, a love story set in Medieval Germany. It was written toward a "teen" market, but I found it very, very good myself. Once I got into it, I had a hard time putting it down.
I am hoping... for peace

I am hearing... Jacob sharpening a pencil in the electric sharpener behind me

Around the house... I have started putting out my fall decor! Lovin' it! I'm also trying to "downsize" our stuff. Just cleaning out and throwing out. Feels great.

One of my favorite things... Helping Sarah pick out a dress for homecoming!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Work on my book, spend time with God, get called for an interview to the perfect job (that should go under hoping!)

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

(The quilt my very-talented mom just finished for Sarah).