Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My sweet little boy

The PTA at the kids' school has a week every Christmas when they set up a "store" in the library for the kids to do their Christmas shopping. They can buy inexpensive gifts for their family and friends and the PTA wraps the stuff for them. Yesterday I sent Jacob to school with $10 (and by the way, whatever amount you send, the child is going to be encouraged to spend the entire amount)... and on the envelope there is a place for you to list who the child is shopping for. I listed- Dad, Mom, Sarah and Libby. When the envelope came home, they had made a note of how much he had spent on each family member to account for the money. Here is what his envelope said when it came home:

Dad- $2.00
Mom- $1.00
Sarah- $1.25
Libby- $1.25
Jacob- $4.00

He told me, "I had enough money leftover to buy something for myself!" Isn't he precious? (If you know me, you know that is sarcasm!) But I did laugh about it alot.

In hockey news, his team lost last night to the red team 0-9. Ouch. And the coach wasn't too happy with them, I am told, in the locker room afterward. But then, it was off to Chik-fil-a for a Christmas party and gift exchange and they all seemed to have a great time.


Kristy said...

That was funny!

Deanna said...

LOL!! Zachary has the same thing to do tomorrow and I was debating whether to send money or not. hmmmmm..... :)

BTW did you get my evite?

Daniele' said...

Now maybe the perfect gift for everyone else was just a dollar or so, and his just so happen to be more expensive. Nathan has the Santa shop today so I am curious how he is going to do.