Monday, February 23, 2009


"Mom! Jacob's sick!" Libby interrupted my dreams at 2:30 this morning standing in my doorway, with this unwelcome declaration. I hadn't heard Jacob calling me, apparently, because when I got to his room, the first thing he said was, "I called you, but you didn't come in time". I could see that.

So, I got him and his bedding cleaned-up and thrown in the washer (just the bedding!) and got him resettled into bed and I laid down diagonally across the bottom of the bed with an afghan so I could be there in case it happened again (and it did). At some point as we tried to sleep, his arm brushed against my hand and, being reminded I was there, I felt him move his arm closer to me and I rubbed his arm for a long time. And I thought about the way things are. A sick child naturally and automatically and sweetly moves in the direction of his mother. Why else did he call me when he felt sick and why did Libby come and get me? Because MOM will know what to do! She'll take care of it. She'll clean it up. She'll make it all better.

What an awesome responsibility as a parent- and when I think about it, I feel so underequipped to be the one someone is counting on to make things better! But I love my kiddos and I would never ignore their cries for help in the night- I would never leave them to clean themselves up- I will always be there for them and do the best I can do.

And so, in the wee hours, I thought about God and how, as his child, I am the same. Something in me knows when I'm not feeling well, when things are beyond my control, when things are not right and I need God. "God!" I call and he's never sleeping and he always hears. Or maybe I'm too sick to call and my friends go get him for me... they stand in his doorway and say "God, Brenda's sick!". Most often, he doesn't take away the "sickness" before it has run its course, but he does come, clean up my messes, put clean pajamas on me, lay down beside me and rub my arm until I feel better. He never leaves me. And thankfully he always know exactly what I need and what to do.

What an awesome God! :-)


Lisa said...

That's a beautiful analogy, Brenda. Thanks for sharing. Way to see something good come out of a virus. :-)

I just read a good companion post to yours on

Kristy said...

That is a beautiful post Brenda. I hope no one else got sick! You especially!