Friday, November 13, 2009


Busy, busy, busy. I feel like lately I am running from one thing to the next, with little time for resting. And, I'm all about resting.... so this isn't how I like to live my life! :-) Right now my parents are in town and I am LOVING that! :-) But it's their fault I'm not blogging like I normally do.

Here are some updates from the past couple weeks:


Libby and her friend Alice were Mustard and Ketchup- so cute! Alice's mom bought the socks- I thought they were adorable!

Sarah was a "nerd"- and I never saw her completely dressed because she went with a friend, but these are the glasses she wore. (No offense to anyone who actually wears glasses like this....)

Jacob was the Incredible Hulk and I didn't get any pictures of him. You can probably imagine what he looked like. :-)

Soccer season is over... Sarah's team went to the regional tournaments and came in third. She was a star! Jacob's team didn't make it past the local tournament.... so I don't show favorites, he was a star, too, but he was like a white dwarf star or something... the kind that is small and not very bright. Ha ha. Just kidding. He says his soccer days are over and he just wants to focus on hockey. I concur.

Hockey is in full swing- Jacob is on a regular team, as well as a select team. The select team plays in like three tournaments, the first of which is over Thanksgiving break. That ought to be fun! He really loves hockey.
Libby is doing great in yearbook club and with piano lessons. She also seems to have inherited her mother's passion for pulling pranks. One night when her friend Sophie spent the night, they "forked" our neighbors' yard. I laughed at how they decided to line up the forks. I have so much to teach her!

One night I saw this beautiful sunset and stopped and took a picture!

I have more to blog about, but I'll save those things for future posts!


Kristy said...

I heard that your parents were visiting, and knew you would be so happy about that!
The ketchup and mustard - too cute!
And Oh what my husband would do to see one of his sons playing hockey..... I think he could just die and go to heaven after that... But alas, I fear there is NO hockey anywhere near here!
And busy, busy, busy, I know all about that... And I don't like it one bit either!

The Ahmeds said...

Very funny about foking the neighbor's yard! i love it!