Saturday, November 13, 2010

November 13, 2010

I am thinking about........... numbers, notebooks, balances, tallies, records, naps, having no place to go, Jesus, cleaning, family, Thanksgiving, love, soccer, hockey, piano, homework, sickness, health

I am thankful for........ fall leaves, healthy kids, plenty to eat, a roof over my head, a bed to sleep in (talked to a lady at work this week who has been sleeping on the floor for 9 months...), a fun job

I am eating...... too much lately... medicating the pain with food as if I haven't learned by now that too much food just brings more pain

I am wearing..... black pajamas with little white polka dots

I am reading..... almost done with John Grisham's short story collection, "Ford County"... highly recommend it, especially to fellow Grisham fans... about to start "The Confession" and "Same Kind of Different as Me", which I picked up on the 50% off table at the christian bookstore

From the kitchen..... tried Swedish Meatballs at Publix last night, Libby and I both liked it, so going to make some for dinner tonight

I am hearing.... the clock ticking, each time one second closer to meeting Jesus

One of my favorite things..... working with fun people, sleeping (if I ever could)

I am praying..... for peace, for God's hand to guide me

A picture to share....

(From the sample pictures on my computer.... pretty huh?)


Kristy said...

Nice list Brenda...
Thinking of you :)