Friday, May 13, 2011

Sarah's Birthday Present

April 27, our area was hit by many tornadoes and the power was knocked out for close to a week. Sarah's birthday was April 28. Thus, she didn't get her driver's permit or her birthday present (because what she wanted was to go and pick out a guitar!) We took care of the birthday present tonight........

She doesn't play, but that girl on the left is her friend Caroline and she plays... so she helped Sarah pick out the right guitar to start... and is going to show her the basics. I'm sure she will pick it up fast because she's had piano lessons for SO long.

As for the driver's permit... next week, hopefully. :-) I simply cannot believe she is old enough to drive.


The Ahmeds said...

If she wants to learn how to play some melodies, I might be able to teach her some!