Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Thoughts

That picture has really nothing to do with what I am about to say.  But isn't he a handsome kid?  This was taken at sunset at the beach when we had finished dinner and were all in a relaxed mood that only the beach and the ocean can produce.  :-)

I was telling a friend Saturday night that I had gotten my kids' Easter baskets together and hidden (I don't know why they feel their baskets must be hidden, but that is what we do) and then he said I was a good mom and he told me that he had never received an Easter basket in his whole life.  I knew he had grown up in a dysfunctional family, but this revelation stopped me cold.  I looked at him, seriously puzzled, and said, "Are you kidding?!"  Nope, he wasn't kidding.  No one had ever taken the time to put together even the simplest Easter basket for this child, now grown.  Even a less-than-good mother would give her child an Easter basket, wouldn't she?  From the perspective of my sheltered and comfortable life, this makes no sense to me.  We weren't rich when I was growing up, but my sister and brother and I never went a year without an Easter basket. I suddenly felt so grateful for my "normal" childhood, I wanted to cry.

Thank you mom for always having an Easter basket ready on Easter morning for Melissa and Matt and I.  And thank you dad for working so hard to earn the money with which she was able to buy them.  I love you guys!


MOM said...

You're welcome I"m sure. We had fun giving you three "fun".
Oh and thank you for having tissue handy.