Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Recent Vacation

Oh, for more time to blog.  But, here are some highlights from our recent trip to Michigan....

Cousins in church with their grandparents.

 Me and Melissa in church....
 David, in church, not pleased with our goofing around....
 Cedar Point dinner at Famous Dave's.... our food came served on a garbage can lid....
 It was kind-of cool, I thought.  We ordered a big family buffet thing and they put all kinds of food on the garbage can lid and everyone got to pick what they wanted.  It was very tasty and a reasonably cheap way to eat dinner.

Libby and Claudia enjoying dinner.

 Jacob and Kelli.

I rode this..... Top Thrill Dragster AND the biggest roller coaster EVER, Millenium Force.  I put both of these items on my Post-Divorce Accomplishment List (PDAL), right after buying a house and getting and A in Statistics.  :-)
 This is The Maverick, I think.  I sat it out because it was near the end of the day and MaxAir had made me kindof queasy.  Libby is in the car second to the last in the picture, looking at the camera.

This guy..... was behind me in bumper-to-bumper traffic in Louisville on the way up to Michigan and actually honked at me when I didn't move up 15 feet.  He later flipped me the bird for THEN driving as slow as I possibly could just to make him mad.  He really enjoyed having his picture taken.

And he thoroughly enjoyed us pointing at this billboard!
 My mom and the kiddos in a Mirror Maze in Frankenmuth.  It was a nice day!

That's about all I have.  Other than the delicious CONEY I got to eat after church.  And the Beef Stronganoff David and I made to surprise Melissa.  Yummmmm.  :-)