Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Law

I was sitting in my class on Monday night... "Research and Writing for Paralegals" and I was listening to my (sortof boring) teacher talk about the law... and I was thinking, "You know, regardless of how boring they try to make it, I love the law".  If Huntsville had a law school, I would enroll.  As it is, there is no way I can commute an hour and a half to the closest one, let alone fit the enormous amount of studying into my schedule, even though I have toyed with the idea. Maybe I will go when my kids grow up.

Until then, I keep studying to be a Legal Assistant and I am coming to love the law.  And here are the reasons I think that is:

1) I love what law is.  Law is "enforceable rules that govern individual and group conduct in a society".
2) Without law, we have anarchy.  I hate anarchy.
3) Though not perfect, U.S. law mostly makes sense and is mostly good. I like things that make sense.
4) It needs people who can analyze it and apply it to issues.  I like to analyze and apply.
5) It needs people who can write about it.  I like to write.
6) The law has its own vocabulary and uses lots of Latin words.  I like being privvy to an exclusive vocabulary.

Some day I will be a great Legal Assistant, unless I decide to remain a Thrift Store Manager.  There are reasons I like thrift stores, too.  Maybe I will tell them to you next time.