Monday, November 5, 2012

My New Hobby

I needed a hobby.  Something I could do easily while sitting in my recliner watching TV.  Something to help me relax.  That's when it hit me.... I should crochet an afghan this winter!
Instead I decided to start smaller.  I bought some 100% cotton yarn in some pretty colors and got to work making dishcloths.  I had to watch a tutorial online to help myself remember how to do the basic stitch.  At Christmas when I see my mom again, she is going to help me learn some more complex stitches (right mom?)  Right now I am enjoying my new hobby so much.  I got a cute little basket at my store and set it beside my chair.
I can't wait to get enough practice so I feel I am ready to start that afghan!
And here is my first completed dishcloth.  Go me!!!


MOM said...

Right, Brenda. : )