Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bailey Go Wide

Last weekend, I was watching Jacob's hockey game and the spectator area in this particular rink is right above the team benches.  With two minutes left in the game, and with his team behind, the opposing coach called a time out.  I watched over the railing as the kids crowded around their coach and listened as he drew out the plan on his white board.  The plan was this:  Everyone would work to get the puck to the left wing, Bailey.  Bailey would take it wide, down the boards and around the net, where he would pass it to a teammate who would be waiting for the shot in front of the net.  The teammate would shoot and hopefully score.  Go team!

Since I was privvy to the plan, I watched Bailey intently.  Sure enough, Bailey got the puck and started out down the boards to carry the puck around the net.  He tried, but was soon challenged by our team and the plan was derailed momentarily.  But just as soon as he got the puck back again, he went straight back to the boards and proceeded to try and carry the puck around the net.  I watched with interest as Bailey continued to try and implement the coach's plan, while our players did their best to get the puck away from him.  At least four times in those two minutes, someone passed to Bailey and Bailey got the puck and went wide, straight up the boards.  Finally he got around the net and passed the puck, but no luck on a goal. 

People who play (and care about) sports probably wouldn't be as intrigued by this scene as I was, but I found it kind-of beautiful.  It kind-of reminded me of my relationship with God.  Though I don't feel much like writing out the reasons why.  It's probably self-explanatory right?