Saturday, August 16, 2008

Soccer Season

Soccer games started today and Sarah and Jacob are both playing this year. This is Jacob's first year to play and I had to miss his game :-( because of another commitment at church... and even though I told him not to do this when I wasn't there... he scored a goal! Yay Jacob!! His team won 12-2. Tim said it was a "blood bath". Ha.

And so as not to be outdone, Sarah scored her first goal of the season today, too- and the only goal scored by her team! (They lost 5-1). Yay Sarah!! This is funny- her coach told her it was good that she scored, but "next time, do it the right way". ??

And even though she's not playing soccer, just to be fair, and because she did sit through the last quarter of Sarah's game in the scorching sun.... Yay Libby!!


Kristy said...

My husband is such a sports fan (not soccer, but it would be if one of the kids played), he would be thrilled to be at one of our kids games - IF they would play. So far, Jacob and Jalyn are not interested. Joshua is his only hope!!