Saturday, August 23, 2008


I won't blog about soccer every week... but I had a few observations for today.

We had overlapping games today, plus piano lessons, and a tire that needed replacing, so the logistics have been fun... I know this is a typical use of time for the American family on a Saturday. (Or any day). But, it's tiring, too. I got to see up through part of the third quarter of Sarah's game and then had to run over to Jacob's game at another park. Sarah scored the game-winning goal AFTER I left. I was happy to hear about it, but I wish I could have been there.
Jacob's game was kind-of funny to watch. This is my first time at a U8 soccer game.... it's amazing to me how far "ahead" they are at Sarah's age in their skills and such. I think kids can start soccer at 4 1/2 years old... I'm sure that would be hilarious to watch!

First, Jacob's team is called the Green Goblins. And, I am proud to say... this team name was my son's idea! So now I have to yell, "Go Goblins!" all season! Today they played the Red Road-Runners. :-)

There is no goalie at this level-- so I've noticed there is either no one in the goal, or else the whole team is in the goal. I've noticed, they just tend to run up and down the field in a big pack and kick the ball whenever they can. Some of them, you can tell, though, are going to be really good players.
All that matters to me, really, is that Jacob scored a goal and our team won!! Oh, the other thing that matters to me is that Jacob was NOT the child who struck a ninja pose during the game and screamed (literally) at the top of his lungs, "STOP YELLING AT ME DURING THE GAME, DAD!!!" Wow.

Anyway..... there was a cool breeze today and it's overcast, so it was very pleasant to be outside this morning.

Here's a picture of Libby with Sam just to give equal treatment:


Kristy said...

Oh, I do kind of envy (just a little) soccer mom's and such - mostly because I know Clay would love it. Did your kids just start playing this year? I always think (and they think) that if they didn't start when they were like 5, they will be behind all the others. My friend is about to have her 8th child (!!) and she has 6 of them in sports. Her life is one long sports event. Hectic!