Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hockey Boy and Rainbow Mountain

Here's my little man in his full hockey gear this (early) morning at evaluations. The only thing he is really missing are the appropriate socks... he had to wear his soccer socks because the hockey socks we ordered haven't arrived, yet. He also had to borrow the helmet and stick because those aren't here, yet, either. But- Doesn't he look cute?? I found the Nashville Predators jersey he is wearing at a consignment sale for $8!! :-) I was very proud of that find.... at least I was able to save a bit of money on his hockey outfit.
This is for Kristy... the view of Rainbow Mountain from my front yard. It's often hazy like that. It's pretty, huh?

Saturday Soccer Update: Jacob's team won 7-3 with Jacob scoring one of the goals!! Sarah's team won 3-2... the final goal was a beautiful left-footed shot by Sarah!! :-) I am so proud of my little soccer stars!
More good news: Libby starts a Ceramics class this Thursday at the art museum! Art is her thing right now... she particularly likes working with clay. I hope to feature Libby and her art on here very soon.


Kristy said...

Thanks Brenda - I love the view of the "mountain" - hey - compared to anything we have here, it could be Mt. Everest. Yeah Jacob!!! My husband would be sooo jealous! Ever since living in MI, he is LOVES hockey! He would absolutely be thrilled beyond belief if one of his sons were playing hockey. Our Jacob is so not into sports - and there is no hockey playing around here. We can pray for Clay that Joshua will be into sports!