Saturday, September 6, 2008

They should've had a V8

I saw this on a church sign near my house a while ago:

Faith Defeats Worldlinees

First of all.... what?
Second of all...what?

I always find it weird when something is so blatantly mispelled on a church sign... I forgive typos because it is easy to make a typo, I do it msyelf all teh tiem... but how do you choose letters for a sign (particularly such a short phrase) one-by-one and make a mistake like this? Then, don't you step back and look at it, knowing that 1,000s of cars will drive by in a day and see it, and notice your obvious mistake? And then I wonder... surely no one thinks this is the right way to spell it??!

Secondly- let's assume it was spelled correctly. I still don't get it somehow... I'm not even sure why. It seems like alot of times we say "faith" when we mean "God". Of course, then I think about times when Jesus told people their faith had saved or healed them... so I think maybe it's okay to say that "faith" could defeat "worldliness". Does worldliness need to be defeated? I don't know... these are the things that puzzle me.

SATURDAY SOCCER UPDATE: Sarah's team tied 2-2 and she scored one of the two goals with a brilliant left-footed kick! Go Sarah! I missed Jacob's game this week, but they lost and he did not score. I love him, anyway. Coming soon- a blog post all about Libby.


Kristy said...

I really don't get it either. I do hate my typos - as you know - so I would cringe if I did that.