Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Anniversary To Us

It's kindof funny there is an ice storm sweeping the nation right now... (not funny to those affected, of course), but it's ironic for me because there was another ice storm that moved across the U.S. 15 years ago over these same few days! I know because that is the day Tim and I got married. I was to leave Michigan for Maryland on January 27 with my mom, sister and her boyfriend (now hubby) David. And we were to be married the next day- January 28. We rented a van and watched the weather and realized that if we didn't leave on the evening of the 26th, we would get trapped in Michigan by an ice storm. So we set out at night to "out-run" the storm and drove all night. I remember taking turns driving and trying to stay awake. We got to Maryland, tired, the morning of the 27th (see above). Tim's parents drove down on that day and had a really hard time getting through, as I remember it. We got married on the 28th, as planned, at the courthouse (and no I wasn't pregnant, and how rude of you to think so!). My dad couldn't be there because he had just started cancer treatments. I missed having him there.

Below is a picture of us that night at the Mt. Vernon Inn having our wedding dinner. It was a very fun night. My mom remembers fondly when Tim's dad asked the waiter, in period costume and acting very formal, if they had put Massengill on his salad. :-)

After the wedding, we left the ice and went to Cancun for our honeymoon. So beautiful! And wasn't I skinny?! Tim looks so cute in his straw hat... but he ended up getting sick after we ate at that little outside lunch counter on Isle Mujere, so that wasn't so fun. The third picture is us swimming in an underground river with lots of beautiful tropical fish. I was actually terrified the whole time, but was glad I did it!

After Cancun, we flew to Southern California for a job interview for Tim. While there, we visited Disney World. After California, we flew to Pennsylvania for a conference and it was winter again... we actually went skiing, but I can't find any pictures. It was two weeks before we were ready to settle back into our apartment in Maryland. The second picture below is a party they had for us at our church. We look so young!

This picture, and sorry it's crooked, I don't feel like re-scanning it, is a shower at my church in Lansing before leaving to get married. That's my B.F. Darcy and my sister in the picture with me:

Happy Anniversary To Us!!!

P.S. I went back to the doctor today for my back and they x-rayed my spine this time. She said I have a degenerated disk right at the spot where it hurts that may have been aggrivated by the fall. I am now on steroids and yet another pain medication. She said to give it two more weeks and if it still hurts, she will send me for an MRI.


Deanna said...

Wow you guys don't look all that different! Aside from the scrunchie on the top of your head! lol Happy Anniversary!

Lisa said...

I love all the pictures. :-) Y'all have hardly aged at all.

Kristy said...

Happy Anniversary Brenda and Tim! Yes, you were skinny, and yes, you looked SO YOUNG! (LIKE 15!)

I hope you start feeling better soon!