Friday, January 2, 2009

Holidays Are Over!!!

I am so glad the holidays are over- now I just have to take down my Christmas tree and do the 20 loads of laundry we generated while away this past week. I usually take the tree down on Christmas day, so I don't have to face it when I get back from traveling, but this year we left earlier than usual.

The kids had their annual Christmas Eve recital for us (only they had it on the 23rd). They played the piano, sang, read "The Night Before Christmas" and had a nativity skit:

Once in Michigan, we left the children with their grandparents and went with my sister and her husband to a cabin in Northern Michigan for the weekend... we had a great time. Here is the snow we found on the back porch when we got there:

And the view from the front window:

After the first day and squeezing in a mile of skiing before it got dark, the next day it rained and was 50 degrees!! No skiing that day, so we had plenty of time for games and stuff. The cabin had a nice pool table that got lots of use:

The next day was cold and snowy again. Tim and David getting ready to ski:

Me & Melis:

All of us having a cup of hot chocolate in between skiing "sessions":
Melissa, how many games did the Lions win this season?!! Ha ha.

My mom after watching the girls all weekend:

My mom and dad, sister and the girls, plus me- a happy family.
Back and Tim's parent's house in Ohio....Sarah playing with the DS with her cousin Paul:

Libby and sweet little Erika:

Jacob and Paul (a handful when they're together- actually, a handful when they're not together):

All of the cousins with (Tim's) Grandma Frank who will be 94 in 2 weeks:

Now, I have to get back to the laundry.....


Kristy said...

Oh, I love all the pictures! And that snow scene was beautiful! What I wouldn't do to have a weekend away in a cabin - with that view! Amazing. Looks like you had a very happy Christmas! And that was so sweet of your parents to watch your kids!

Anonymous said...

My Christmas is put away, and I'm oh so glad. Again, your babies are beautiful. Hope that your holiday trip was relaxing and renewing for you.