Monday, May 18, 2009

Soup & Biscuits

Two nights ago was rainy, dark and a little chilly and I decided to make soup for dinner with some ground beef I had in the freezer. Brenda's housekeeping tip for the day: I highly recommended cooking extra of meats like ground beef and chicken when you are already doing it anyway, and putting them into the freezer in portions you can use later. You can use it for soups, spaghetti, tacos, etc. and save time on busy days.

I thought biscuits would go well with the soup and for a change, cut them with my heart-shaped cookie cutter. We all thought they tasted better in this shape! :-)

Below is my anniversary gift from Tim (from January). He got me soup bowls (actually called "Gusto bowls") and some of the little fruit bowls to go with my Fiesta dinnerware set. On this particular night, we used the fruit bowls to hold our biscuits. :-) He also got me the square baking dish and I LOVE to bake with it. :-) I've been meaning to show them off because I really like them. I actually LOVE to receive pieces for my set. I'm glad I discovered Fiesta because they're wonderful every-day dishes!
And here is a picture of the family (minus me, as I was taking the picture!) enjoying our dinner. It was hard to get everyone to cooperate (they were too excited eating their heart-shaped biscuits, I guess), so this was the best shot I got. Tim doesn't look his best, but we'll just call it pay-back.


Kristy said...

Oh so sweet - heart shaped biscuits. Did you make them from scratch? My mom used to always do that (make them from scratch) and cut them out with little juice glasses. I am about the only one in my house that will even eat a biscuit (I know, what is wrong with these people!).
Also, how do you make soup with ground meat Brenda? Sounds like some type of Yankee food!! Ha :-)

Oh, and I have never heard of Fiesta ware - I am not too UP on things - will have to check it out!

Alright, now I have the strongest craving for biscuits. (all I need!)

Granna said...