Sunday, January 9, 2011

January Thoughts

1) School starts for me tomorrow (well, except it's closed because of weather.... not sure how that affects me since I'm doing my classes online) and I still can't believe I'm about to do this whole college thing again. Here are my books. Impressive, huh? It's because of these books that blogging will be at a minimum for the next... oh, say... two years!

2) The snow has begun (again) in Alabama. One minute, there was nothing and the next... snow everywhere. (Scroll down for pictures.... I cannot get them in the right order). No school for anyone tomorrow and this is how Jacob is spending the evening. Tomorrow he gets to clean his room. 3) My mom finished Libby's quilt. Rufus is enjoying it tonight.

Watching movies, warm and toastyy....

4) Pictures of the snow... taken moments ago from my balcony.... it's dark, but I did my best.

5) Painted my short little stubby fingernails RED and went in public today. It's 10:30 pm and I haven't chewed it off, yet!

6) Thinking alot about fasting after a delicious sermon on the subject today. Trying to figure out what is screaming at me loudest so I can cut it out of my life for a time in order to hear God's voice more clearly. (Unfortunately, I don't think I can fast from my kids!)

7) Spent New Years Eve with my BFF Beth... laughing hysterically all night/morning long. Then the next night, backed into the car of a woman whose mother had died the day before. Nice. Still waiting on the bill from that little moment of excitement.

8) Memorizing Philippians... again... I'm going to make it past chapter 1 this time around. I'm hoping to learn from Paul how to be so God-focused that I could say for myself that "to live is Christ and to die is gain".

9) Just trying to make it to 10 for the sake of completeness.

10) Got a new headboard for my bed.... loving it.... for $16.91 at a thrift store. A kind man helped me cram it in my car. It needs a fresh coat of paint, but if I never get around to it, it will be okay. (Got the lamp at my store!)


Kristy said...

LOVE the snow pics! So wish it would come down a bit further south! We need a "snow day".

Going back to school?? I didn't know that! What are you going for?

I am working on memorizing Colossians - worried that once school starts, I will not keep it up - but I pray I will.

Sorry to hear you backed into that poor woman! (And about the bill to come!) I did that once when I lived in MI, and the woman began crying and crying, saying she had just gotten her car out of the shop because of another accident. I just hit her bumper...and some screws did fall out... anyway, I felt HORRIBLE...

Melissa said...

Good luck on school! You will do great, I am SURE of it. :)

Misty said...

Love the new headboard!! Enjoy the snow and your kids today!!