Sunday, July 3, 2011

Quite Proud of Myself Today

Soon I shall do another post with a follow-up to the whole "I don't have any friends" thing. Because what has been on my mind ever since is "What kind of friend have I been?" It must be addressed.

But today, I am proud of my handiwork and I want to share. I have had two days off from work in a row (woo hoo!) AND I've been alone... so I have made alot of progress on unpacking and organizing my new house. I got Libby's room all done (pictures tomorrow!) and it turned out so cute! Then I started contemplating Sarah's room. She chose a cranberry red for the walls and picked out a gorgeous black and cream damask comforter set... and she also picked out alot of other cute decor items. But she has no headboard or dresser. I think I've found a cute, cheap headboard from Target... but as for a dresser... it was hard finding the right size and color for the space.

Today, though... I had an idea. When I moved into the apartment, I bought these two dressers from my store that I intended for Jacob, but I ended up only putting the taller of the two into his room. The shorter one (which was probably a baby's changing table at one time) spent its time at the apartment in the girls' closet not really being used. I had moved it into Jacob's room at the new house, but he doesn't really need it.

That is when I realized I had some black paint leftover from a previous project I never finished.

Not realizing I should be documenting, I didn't take a "before" picture of the dresser... but here is a picture of the matching dresser.< href="">
First I removed the plain drawer pulls.

Then I started painting. To my delight, the paint was going on very thin and was creating this incredible antique/distressed look that is so popular these days. I ended up doing a second very deliberate coat of paint to cover spots that I thought were two thin.

This is the paint I used. A small pint that I had found for $3.98 on the clearance rack at Walmart.

The finished product.....

Close up of the new drawer pulls I found at Lowes.

The mirror Sarah picked out that I hung above the dresser.

I also got her curtains hung.... so, so cute. (Found them at Target). And here's a shot of her comforter (also a Target find).

It will look better once we get an ornate, metal, black headboard.

Boxes are left to be unpacked, but I am very proud of my work. And Sarah's taste. :-)