Sunday, December 4, 2011


This semester I took a required class: "The Legal Environment of Business".  The (huge) textbook was called "Business Law" and we only finished a small portion of the book.

I liked it.  And I got an A. :-)

I liked reading about the history of our legal system.

I liked reading the example (real-life) cases and the Supreme Court judge's rulings.

I liked writing the 5 legal briefs we had to write.

I liked listening to my professor, a seasoned lawyer, as he lectured about and wandered all over the subject of "Law". 

I liked learning the legal terminology.

I've been a John Grisham fan since he first started to write... I have all of his books.  "The Firm" was the first book I read by him and once I started it, I could not put it down until I finished.

I have also long been a fan of The People's Court and other daytime court room shows.

And don't forget my passion for JAG before it was taken off the air.  I LOVED that show.

So, all things considered.....

I came to the conclusion that maybe there was something here that might interest me more than Accounting.

So I started to research online and realized that perhaps I would make a better Paralegal than an Accountant. 

-It matches my strengths, interests and skill set better than Accounting .... I like to write.  I like to organize.  I LOVED jury duty. 
-The starting salary is comparable to that of an Accountant starting out.  I won't be wealthy, but I will do okay.
-With my English degree and the business classes I have already taken this year, I can finish the Paralegal program at the local community college in a much shorter time than it was going to take to finish Accounting.  (10 classes compared to 24 more).
-The job outlook for Paralegals is excellent for the next 5-10 years.
-If I drop the pursuit of the Accounting degree, I do not have to take the second semester of Statistics!  Woo hoo!

So... I have changed my direction (and my school) and feel very good about my decision.  

The classes for the new degree cannot all be taken online as I have been doing.  So I will actually be going to campus some.   Not looking forward to that so much.

But overall... I am very excited.

It is a strange and long-forgotten feeling to look at the future and feel a tinge of excitement. 


Misty said...

A quote from one of my favorite law movies--

"That was a lucid, intelligent, well thought-out objection" or in your case "argument" for switching majors! :)

I know you will do great! Just stick to the plan!! :)

I like the blog background!! :)