Friday, December 9, 2011

My Life Updated

School's out, school's out!  I finished up my semester...  and it would be too soon to say I got all A's, but I know I got two A's and probably two more. So we can just dream.....

And I have about a month now with no classes looming over my head!!!

I will spend some of my time doing this:
Hours and Hours of Puzzle Fun!

PLUS, I started to work again- sort, sort, sorting clothes at a thrift store that benefits The Way, which is my favorite Christ-centered recovery facility.  I have fun coworkers and job security:

And I might get fired for posting that... but I promise you, after a couple months of Brenda Power, that pile will be gone!!! 

Also, I've got beads to make into jewelry... and a dollhouse to finish building.... and a couple of scrapbook paper craft ideas to work on..... it will be a fun month.

And finally, I'm sick of being fat.  So I am working hard on eating more of this:
And doing more of this:

And drinking more of this:

And less of this:

Bye for now!