Sunday, February 19, 2012


Here's an old picture of my sister Melissa and our cousin Rhonda (the one standing on the table) that was probably taken around about... 28 years ago.  It was taken in my mom's kitchen.

When I was in Flint at Christmas time, my mom and I went to a Goodwill store, where I was pleased as punch to find these plaques for $1 each.  I wouldn't have bought them except for the fact that they are the exact plaques my mom had hanging on her kitchen wall when I was growing up. (Check back in the previous picture).

I brought them home and hung them in my laundry room to make myself happy.

And they do make me happy.

But sometimes, there's this sadness blended in with the happiness when I pass by them.... a dull sort-of ache in my heart... and I suppose there is a word for that feeling... but I can't think what it is.  It's just a longing for something in the past that can never be recovered.  And often, it can't even be defined.  And I think some people are just more prone to this happy/sadness. 

And that's all.  For today.


MOM said...

I think it is called nostalgia. You are a lot like your Dad in that respect.