Friday, February 3, 2012

Tell me why....

.... I have gotten about five emails from my college telling me they have assigned me a username and password on their system when, in actuality, I got my username and password the day I met with an advisor back in November and have logged in numerous times since?  Yet, I still keep getting emails from them.  I got two yesterday. 

.... I would rather suffer the consequences of not taking the proper dose of my medicine than spend 3 minutes cutting a bunch of the pills in half?

.... it irritates me so much that Jacob and his friend have made a "fort" in my living room out of the kitchen chairs and all the blankets from Jacob's bed?  I hate forts!!!! Which is ridiculous because it's not really hurting anything and it's fun for the kids.  But let me re-iterate... I hate forts!

.... it is SOOOOO hard to lose weight after 40?  I haven't had a Diet Coke or a dessert or candy in three weeks and I think I've only lost about 3 pounds when it's all said and done.  Too bad GiGi's Cupcakes is closed on Sundays when my fast is over... otherwise I'd be there buying one of each.  I am done with Diet Coke, though... for good.

.... I am in the middle of three fiction books and can't seem to finish up any of them?

Tell me why!  Cause I don't know.