Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Garden

So.... my friend Tammy (who is very much into eating "clean") and I had big plans a while back to plant a vegetable garden in her backyard together.  But, then we decided perhaps we would just put some plants in pots on our back porches, since neither of us really has time to maintain a large garden at this point in our lives.  So we headed to Home Depot and for the price of a couple of big pots, we both got these raised garden kits and some soil to put in them.  Mine is 4 x 4 (I think she went back and got another ) and I have planted squash, green beans, cucumbers, spinach, sugar peas, cilantro..... and.... I think that may be it.  Some of my plants I bought at Home Depot and in the rest of the garden, I planted seeds.  Oh, and I have a tomato plant that will stay for now in the container I bought it in.  I surely hope SOMETHING grows.  I will be highly disappointed if I don't get at least one vegetable to eat after all this hard work!  :-)

Here is the progress:

I put it up close to the house hoping to ward off creatures.  Of course, Rufus had to get in and start digging, so I went and got a little plastic fence to put around it- the picture isn't very good, but I took it at night so I could get this post written.  He is capable of jumping over the fence, but thankfully he is too stupid to know it.

If I ever win the lottery (which will be hard since I never play the lottery), I would love to have lots of pots of flowers on my back porch and some nice patio furniture and a grill.  And then I could entertain out there.  And grill the vegetables straight out of my garden for my guests!  :-)  We have to have dreams!