Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hair and Toenails

Got my hair colored a darker color today.  We were just going to do a root touch-up, but both agreed the lighter color wasn't doing much for me- so we just went for this dark auburn color.  I think I like it.  Maybe a little more red than I was expecting, but I think I will get used to it.
And, I got my first ever pedicure.  I know it's hard to believe at 41 than I have never had a pedicure, but people... it's the truth.  I have never splurged on having it done and no one ever gave me one as a gift.  Sure would have been nice all those years I was carrying 25 pound babies around in side my body.  Ha ha. 

Anyway- you get to sit in these nice vibrating chairs and put your feet in hot bubbling water and get them all worked on, massaged, lotioned up... and now my nails are lovely, shiny red.  Tammy just pampered me so much!!

All this for the cost of a hair cut at my regular place!  :-)