Wednesday, June 13, 2012


A few nights ago, I sauteed some of my green beans from my garden in a little butter for dinner.  Oh, they were so good. 

Here are the changes I will make in next year's garden:
1) No squash.  It basically took over the whole space and I don't like it THAT much.
2) More green beans
3) Put in a trellis for the sugar snap peas to grow on alot sooner (I basically killed the poor things by trying to put it in too late).
4) No herbs.  As much as I fancy in my head that I will use them... I won't.
5) Do a better job with the tomatoes... put them in a bigger container and get two plants.
6) Leave more room for the cucumbers.

I definitely have enjoyed gardening so far this year, though.  The veggies have been very yummy!