Friday, August 29, 2008

Jewelry making

First, I wanted to say that on this 3rd anniversary of Hurricane Katrina- to please pray about Gustav that is sort-of heading in the same direction. I have relatives living in New Orleans and specifically have recently re-connected with my cousin Kristy after many years of not seeing each other and I know she is very, very worried. Her house was destroyed in Katrina and she is preparing to have to leave again. Please pray specifically for her and my aunt, uncles, and other cousins down there. Pray that Gustav will weaken.

On another note, below is a picture of the bracelet I made today that I am proud of. My friend Sonja and I are making jewelry for a hobby and with big dreams of maybe even selling some stuff if we can get good enough at it. It is really alot of fun and I enjoy spending the time with Sonja. This was really all her idea- her youngest started kindergarten this year and she was looking to fill some time. Also, anyone who knows her knows that she is really into accesorizing. I do not share her gift for knowing what looks good together, but we make a good team because she can create, but she can't see well enough to actually string the beads! :-) I can string the beads! But, this bracelet below is one I designed all by myself. The bigger beads are more of a green-ish than they look in this picture.


Kristy said...

Thank you Brenda for your prayers (any everyone else's). Weaken it did - just when no one thought it would. The bracelet is beautiful! How do you do it? You will have to email me and tell me. I would love to learn. Since Katrina took all the jewelry I had, I don't have much. I used to have several bracelets. I will have to call you so you can explain!