Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy Spring (a day early)

I stopped at Dollar General yesterday morning to get some Tide and I saw these cute (cheap) Spring tumblers. Do I need any cute Spring tumblers? Well, not really. (Although, I have broken THREE glasses in the time I have been doing dishes by hand). But it wasn't a matter of needing them- it was a matter of them making me happy and me buying them so I could take the happiness home- I need some. They look really cute with my scarlet Fiesta dinnerware.

And below is a picture of the lily my mother-in-law brought for us to plant (it came in a kit) because I wanted her to see how big it is getting. I hope to be posting a picture of it blooming in the near future.


Kristy said...

Yes, how happy and SPRINGY.

Have your parents left?