Monday, March 30, 2009

Kelly's Birthday at the Beach

I just got back from a lovely four-day weekend at the beach with some friends. Here are some pictures- I'll probably post more of them on Facebook at some point. The weekend was all about this girl (at least in her own mind it was):

Here's the house (Margaritaville) and the view from the front porch (if you look closely at the first one, you can see Tracy on the porch):Me and Misty (this was our room):

The whole house was beautiful- this is one of the bathrooms:
This is all of us (me, Tracy, Kelly, Misty, Abby and Stacy) on the front porch. It was cold, stormy and rainy for the first two days.

Me and Kelly: The sun finally came out on the third day after lunch (it still wasn't warm):This man plopped himself in front of our sunset and started doing situps and pushups. Show off. God at his very best (so maybe it wasn't all about Kelly? :-):


Kristy said...

How fun! A weekend away with great girlfriends - I have never done that - yet. Sounds great though. First your parents come to visit, then a weekend away with friends, sounds like a lovely & busy month!