Monday, March 16, 2009

The Passion

Five years ago, the movie "The Passion of the Christ" came out and everyone in America, except me and Tim, saw it. At the time, I had heard enough about it to decide I did not want to watch my best friend be crucified in a movie theater along with 100 other people, many of whom I envisioned would be eating popcorn and eating Juji Fruits. No offense to anyone who did choose to see it in a movie theater... for me, it just seemed too personal for that. So I waited for the DVD so I could watch it in private.

By the time it came out on DVD, I had heard enough about it to be reluctant to rent it at all. I'm not even sure now all the reasons. We would say often "We should rent it", but we never did. A year or so later, my mother-in-law gave the movie to us for Christmas and it has sat, unopened, for three or four years, on our shelf all this time for reasons I cannot explain.

Well, last night I decided it was time. And so, five years after it came out, we finally watched "The Passion of the Christ".

It was extremely hard to watch... and had its desired affect on me and brought out lots of emotions, such as sorrow, love, and gratitude. I hope that I will remember it and hold it close for a long time to come and let it help me make decisions and find my way.

My favorite scene was Jesus with his mother when he was showing her the table that he had just made... and he splashed the water on her that she gave him to wash his hands. The most emotional parts to me were watching his mother watch her son suffer.

Thank you, Jesus, for the depth of your love that you would willingly go through the unthinkable for ME. I don't understand it, but I accept it with all the gratitude I have.


Kristy said...

I watched it years ago - when my church booked the theater just for our church (and friends).

Me and Clay went - and honestly, while watching it, it was like there was no one else in the theater except me and Clay.

Oh did I cry. And cry.

Very emotional. I haven't sat through the whole thing since. We let Jacob watch it, and I watched part of it with him.