Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gone Home

My last grandparent (that's him two years ago) died on Saturday of a heart attack. It was unexpected, although considering he was 92, it wasn't shocking. He was in great health for his age, living in his own house and taking care of himself. Two days before he died, my parents were at his house helping him fix his lawn mower. He was a pilot and flew in WWII. He was my mom's dad.
Sunday morning, the girls and I left for Michigan to attend the funeral. It was good to see so many family members that I haven't seen in so long. We had a very good time, laughing and carrying on as we are known to do (I remember when I am with these people how I got like I am!!)

Some pictures:

#1) Boredom in the car (it's an 11 hour trip) causes us to line gummy bears up on the steering wheel.

#2) We stopped by Tim's grandma's house on the way and her magnolia tree was in full bloom. It's a Northern variety I had never noticed before- with no huge leaves like the Southern version- just full of tons of the huge flowers. Very pretty & fragrant. Libby looks lovely modeling a bloom as big as her head.#3) My mom in front of my grandparents' house.#4) My grandparents lived on a small lake. Libby, Claudia, Sarah and Kelli on the shore.#5) Melissa, the overprotective mother, when she saw the girls down so close to the lake. #6) The girls climbing the hill up to the house in their good shoes. (My grandpa was grumbling from heaven when he saw them doing this... but he wasn't concerned about their shoes- he was very protective of this hill).
#7) The house in this picture is two houses down from my grandpa and my grandma lived there when she was a kid and then it belonged to my grandma's sister (and now her grandson lives there) and that is their dock. They used to bring in sand and make a beach on their shore and we would swim there in the summer.#8) I just thought this weeping willow looked cool ... and about ready to fall into the lake!#9) This is Kelli walking along these stones- something I used to do all the time when I was her age!

#10) Before we even knew my grandpa died, my sweet mother-in-law had sent Tim and I this bouquet of flowers "just because". I took a picture so she can see what she sent. It is so beautiful and is still looking really nice since I got back. Thanks, Elsie!


Kristy said...

My mom called and told me about your grandfather. I am sad for your loss, but happy that you had the opportunity of having a grandpa for this long! Amazing.

Oh Michigan, when I was a kid, I thought almost everyone lived on a lake! You just proved my theory again.

Looks like a place of happy memories.

Brenda said...

Hey Kristy- I don't know if you will read this here or not, but when I was in Linden AT THE FUNERAL HOME (see I told you all I ever do in Linden is go to the funeral home!)... I thought of you and what you wrote on your blog recently about Linden and the mill and all of that. :-)

I didn't live on a lake when I lived in Michigan! Ha.