Monday, April 6, 2009

Updates for those interested

Those are pictures of my newly cleaned office- I'm posting them mostly so my mom can see them, since she was here recently and saw how incredibly messy it had gotten. Okay, she was appalled. I know she will rest easier tonight.

I didn't take a picture of the dining room, which is where all of the stuff is for my upcoming yard sale... wow, it's a mess! But let's call it "a mess with a plan".

~~~And by the way, if anyone wants a piano, we are trying to get rid of the one in the picture and you can have it if you will come get it.~~~

Other than my spring cleaning, Jacob has started playing roller hockey and had his first game this past Saturday and really enjoyed it. They play 3 on 3 and he came home and told me he scored six goals! I found out later it was actually only two goals. Hopefully I will get some pictures soon. I didn't get to watch his game because of piano lesson conflicts.

Sarah is playing on an AYSO Select soccer team again this spring. "Select" is supposed to mean a hand-picked team that is more competitive than a regular AYSO team and travels some. They have a regional tournament that is being played in Huntsville this year, so that is good news for us- although she originally told me the tournament was in Florida and I was sort-of hopeful! Still, she is looking forward to the season and her first "scrimmage" against a club team is tonight unless it snows. What???!! Snows?? In April in Alabama? Craziness! (Better go get my bread and milk before it's all gone!)
In the fall, she may start playing club soccer. Although now she's talking about track and cross country. And I mentioned soccer to Jacob for fall and he said, "What?! I play hockey!" He's very absorbed in hockey right now.
As for Libby, for various reasons, I didn't sign her up for the painting class she wanted to take this spring, but I have found a place that has pottery classes that is closer to our house as well as a place that has cooking classes, so she will be starting one or both of those soon. She also has a school trip to Camp McDowell coming up soon that she is looking forward to ALOT. A few nights ago, she baked cupcakes and has the family together making snowmen (prophetic?) after dinner, which was alot of fun. Here is mine, because mine looked the best (ha ha). Sorry he has no face- we forgot to buy the gel to pipe on the faces.


Kristy said...

Well, so we could get the full gravity of it all, you should have taken a before, but it does look great. I love all those bookshelves (I have one that is beyond overflowing). What is with ALL of that paper?

All of your kids activities put mine to shame. My kids are the biggest homebodies.

Brenda said...

You're asking the wrong person if you want to know why we have all that paper. That doesn't include the box (with 10 more reams) in the hall closet. In case of a terrorist attack on the paper supply, we're all set.