Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Week in Review

A week since I blogged? Wow.

In the past week I ...

... did lots of laundry and dishes, cleaned bathrooms, vacuumed, etc.
... learned our kitchen floor will finally be replaced starting June 1 (and hopefully that means the dishwasher, too)
... attended Sarah's soccer game and watched her score the only goal for our team
... drove children to piano lessons
... wrote Toni a letter! (this could explain the lack of blogging)
... went to the library and checked out six books to read
... started and almost finished "The Secret Life of Bees" (a so-so book)
... learned "The Secret Life of Bees" was made into a movie that Libby has seen
... helped Libby pack and sent her to science camp for three days
... laughed at Jacob's antics several times
... was told by Jacob that he loves my arm because it's so soft
... was told by Jacob that he actually loves my whole body because it's so soft (I have another word for it... it's "fat")
... worked on getting ready for our garage sale this weekend
... read the Song of Songs five times for my group therapy bible study group (I wish I knew something better to call this group)
... walked four miles with a friend from above mentioned bible study group
... saw the most beautiful red and yellow bell-shaped flowers growing on a vine which was growing up a tree and I keep thinking about it
... saw God in a million other places
... packed school lunches five times
... slept alot
... started the book of Job and given thanks that I have not suffered as much as him (and assured God that I don't need to, thanks)
... read job ads and thought about getting a job
... cleaned broken glass from the garage floor after Jacob and his friend broke another window playing ball
... cut a piece of cardboard the size of the missing glass and covered the hole
... prayed alot
... cried
... laughed some
... cooked 7 yummy meals, including a new Tilapia recipe tonight that Sarah ate seconds and thirds of!
... made no-bake cookies
... went grocery shopping
... rented a movie from the grocery store rental box and didn't have it when I got home... still hoping someone has returned it
... thought about the fact that I need a haircut and wondered whether I have an appointment I forgot to write down... thought about calling, but haven't
... longed for Michigan and my family
... had two of my kids fall asleep on me on the couch (at different times)... such a nice thing when I realize they are growing up and these moments are so few and far between
... saw a bottle of Dreft on the top shelf at the grocery store and ached for a newborn baby like the one being cuddled on the front of the bottle
... slapped myself for having such a thought!
... watched some TV
... thanked God for being God and for loving me


Kristy said...

I loved this list. This tells much more about a person than those silly questionares about your favorite color, and what are you wearing and such.

Praying for you - everytime I think of you. Love you too!

Deanna said...


I've missed seeing you Brenda. We need to plan a crafting date. :)