Friday, July 3, 2009


I guess blogging's going to be a weekly thing for me now. :-) Some time this weekend I'll try to get on here and post something about my job. And I also have some pictures of Libby that I found on my camera today that will thoroughly embarrass her, but will definitely entertain the rest of us... so I may post those, too. Ha ha. Anyway, for now... last Sunday, Jacob was at the pool and bumped into a metal ring of some sort and busted his head open above his eye... had to get six stitches.

This morning, he got them out. He was so brave both times! :-) The stitches were put in REALLY good, so they didn't come out so easily. But he was a trooper. And the doctor gave me the stitches to bring home and put in his baby book. Um.... thanks. First I'll have to FIND his baby book, if indeed he even has one!

That's all for today! More later........


Misty said...

Now he can tell everybody what Chad Holloway told Amber to say about her scar when someone asks what happened...."I got in a fight, but you should see the other guy!"

Sonja said...

So did they have to close the pool? Glad he's okay! :)