Sunday, July 19, 2009

My New Favorite

**UPDATE** I found his other CD "We Were Here" at the library (looked on a whim!) and I wanted to withdraw my recommendation because there's at least one really bad word on that CD. :-) Still good music- listen at your own risk.

I can't remember the last time I bought a CD for myself that wasn't Christian (probably John Denver), but I bought one today! This is my new favorite singer. I'm not good at music classification- but he sort-of reminds me of Paul Simon... only better. He's a very talented song writer... I love his lyrics. And he's not ugly, either! Hee hee. Check him out on You Tube. I think his other CD "We Were Here" is probably a little better, but they didn't have it at Best Buy, so I took a chance on this one... and am not unhappy. :-) And, truthfully, any CD can be "Christian" if you just think about God while you're listening to the lyrics... not hard to do here because his are mostly love songs.


Kristy said...

You bought a John Denver CD????

Okay, I shall try to get over that.
Yeah, he is cute! And I love the name (Joshua)

I will have to check it out on Youtube.