Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Just Journaling

I love journals and pretty notebooks - I always have. I don't know how many I have bought over my life time. Most never get used for the grand purpose I originally envision for them. But I do love to write and lately I have been doing lots of it. I actually have three journals I am writing in regularly these days...

This one I have had a long while. I was very excited when I got it, but have since decided I like spiral-bound journals better... the kind that will lay open flat when I am writing. I use it for recording bible verses from my "daily" bible reading schedule. (I use the term "daily" loosely because I don't always get to it daily). Borrowing and adapting the idea from my word-loving (and Word loving!) friend Lisa, what I do is to copy a verse from that day's reading into the journal and write a few lines about why I chose it or what I think about it. I have been doing this kind of journaling for several years.... I actually filled two spiral notebooks this way the first time I read through the bible! It's so nice to have a written record of it!

This journal I got from my sweet friend Tracy for my birthday this year. She let me pick it out and I just love it. Since it says "Thoughts and Prayers" on the front cover, I decided to use it as a prayer journal. So, this one is my "Talking" journal and the previous one is my "Listening" journal. I write in this one almost daily now (I talk more than I listen, it is true)- sometimes just lists of people and situations I am praying for. Sometimes paragraphs of what is on my heart. I have no rules for it- I just write down whatever I need to write. I am loving it. Let me know and I will add your name! :-)

And because I'm crazy and couldn't figure out I already had enough journals, I used a gift card from my hip friend Beth and her incredible mom Nancy... and bought this hip and incredible journal from the bookstore. I had no idea what to use it for.... until I was visiting this wonderful blog a few days ago that was recommended by my cousin Kristy, and I now recommend to you... A Holy Experience... and I got the idea for something I have tried in the past off and on... a journal of thanksgiving and gratitude... she refers to it as "1000 Gifts List". I think she started with the goal of writing down 100 gifts from God (things for which she was thankful), but soon reached 100 and started working on 1,000. She does hers once a week, but I am so excited, I have written a few every night for the past 3 or 4... I like the list format. 1, 2 and 3 are Sarah, Libby and Jacob. And from there, I have written things like, "A long, hot bath", "Food in the pantry", "A walk with a friend".... I already have 40 items on my list! What a blessing to remind myself daily that God is GOOD!


Deanna said...

Love the thankful list idea! This sounds like one even I who is not fond of real journaling or writing for that matter, can do! lol

Thanks for sharing!

Lisa notes... said...

Ah, journals. :-) I actually started (didn't finish) writing a blog post last week called "Keep a journal" after reading through some of the scripture thoughts I'd written in the past.

Because the funny thing is: when I go back and re-read them, I rarely remember that I even HAD those thoughts. ha. God definitely knew what he was doing by telling the Jews over and over to rehearse all the good things he did for them. It's too easy to forget without reminders.

Thanks for sharing your journals with us. They're all lovely and inspiring.

Kristy said...

You know I am love with journaling! (Now, that may be in our blood!) I haven't yet tried/started the gratitude journal (or list) but glad you have, that is great! Such pretty journals - I haven't decided which kind I prefer to write in. I have a soft, flexible leather one right now that I am loving! Then I have a hard cover one that I right quotes or sections from books that I want to remember.