Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pictureless Post

I have no pictures today, just some unexpected time to write a few updates. (I'm waiting on a call from the doctor because I think Libby has pinkeye, so she and I stayed home from church). These items would all be separate blog posts if I had the time to do that. :-)

1) Soccer has started! Sarah wasn't thrilled about her to team to begin with, but decided yesterday she likes them okay. She is still playing AYSO, which for those who don't know, is a "recreational league"... it's not real competitive or anything. I have asked her repeatedly the past few years if she wanted to switch to a club team (which are more competitive, travel, practice more nights per week, etc.) and she has always declined. She is really a talented player and could be much better if she would join a more serious team, but anyway... it just depends on her goals and her goals have not been the same as mine. That's okay. This team seems to be stronger than the one she played on last season and she scored the first goal of the season at yesterday's game and seemed to make some friends. Go Sarah!

Jacob's game started on a field within view of Sarah's before Sarah's was over. I went up there with him (and when I say "up", this is one of the new fields they built at the very back of the park and they are up a fairly steep hill with no parking close by...), but because it started late and he sat out the first period, I didn't get to see him play because I had to get Sarah and get her to piano lessons. (Our busy Saturdays have started again!) Tim said the game went well. This morning, though, when I checked my email, I had one from his coach that suggested otherwise. Apparently some parents were really upset because the players didn't know their positions and, therefore, lost the game and these parents were blaming the coach. Oh puh-lease. They have had TWO practices and only one with the head coach (who is a volunteer like everyone in AYSO and signed up a week ago and who is a single mom of four boys (whose father is overseas in the military) and she is coaching two of their teams).... needless to say she did not appreciate the criticism. And I don't blame her. Some people just take these things WAY too seriously. Relax, people. They're 8 years old.

2) Me. I've been having some weird health issues off and on lately. Headaches, nausea, sore throat, stiff neck, tired eyes etc. Twice in the past month, I have not been able to make it home from work without having to stop because I was very sick. Tim had to get me one of those times. My eyes were also doing weird things a couple nights ago. I am tempted to blame all of this on the new job and using the computer so much. The first night I got sick, though, I went to a walk-in clinic and was told I had a sinus infection. Regardless, I went and had an eye exam yesterday and got new (cute) glasses (it has been over 3 years since I got my last pair) and the doctor said that will help with the eye strain I am feeling if I will wear them ALL THE TIME while I am at work, but thought there might be two separate issues going on and suggested I may want to see someone else about the headaches and nausea. He also said he could see my eyes "dancing" and they weren't "converging" when he moved a pen toward my nose. Hmmm..... so now I have to move onto stage two of this investigation. I have an appointment with an opthamologist this week. Pray for me!! :-)

3) Grammar lesson. I have an English degree and value proper usage of the English language, particularly in writing. If you are one of the MANY English speakers who is not sure when to use an apostrophe, I urge you to take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the valuable information here. Pay particular attention to No. 4... that's a tricky one.

4) School started last Monday and so far, everyone seems happy with their teachers, schedules, friends, etc. Tim starts tomorrow and I *think* I have finally come to an understanding with my boss that will cut my hours back to where I want them and allow me to feel less stressed and tired, and more in control of the household.

5) We had a delightful dinner last night at the home of a new colleague of Tim's. They are Chinese and both graduated from Michigan State! (Go right through for MSU!!!!) The food was DELICIOUS (I couldn't stop eating, there were so many choices!) and the kids had fun with their kids.

6) A couple weeks ago, we went over to Florence to the park by the Marriott and they have these fountains there that are so much fun for kids (and adults, too!). For those who live in this area, they are similar to the ones at Bridge Street, but there are lots more of them and they spray much higher. We went in the evening and they have colorful lights and music. There are also a big playground, plenty of open grass space for a picnic, and public bathrooms available. There happened to be a band playing the night we were there, as a bonus. I HIGHLY recommend this for families with kids. It's free (if you don't count the gas to drive over there) and so much fun. If you want to read more about it and see a picture, go here.

And that about sums things up from here. :-)

"And now Israel, what does the Lord your God require of you? He requires only that you fear the Lord your God, and live in a way that pleases him. And love him and serve him with all your heart and soul". Deut. 10:12


Kristy said...

Brenda, I am so sorry you aren't feeling well. The Cooney family is falling apart! Between your dad and my mom, Aunt Mary, now you (and others, but this list could go on and on). My Mom spent the day in the ER yesterday, she had been feeling so bad for about a week - she had all these tests done - she has an inflamed pancreas.
Anyway, I ALWAYS have trouble with where to put the apostrophe! I will have to go back on your blog and click on the link and review, as my English class is back in swing.
You do have some busy schedules girl!