Sunday, August 30, 2009

Soccer Saturday

This is how our Saturdays will look for the next few weeks:

Sarah went straight to the goal and scored her third one just after I shot this picture. (After the third goal, the coach told her they needed to give someone else a chance and moved her to mid field!) And I should mention she was stung by a bee in the temple of her head just before the game... Libby commented that maybe she needs to be stung every week! ;-)

This is Sarah's game from the hill behind it.... (that's her with the ball).....

Jacob plays so hard and always has a good time, it's fun to watch him.

Here's me, as I generally look on the sidelines:

Here's Libby, as she generally looks on the sidelines (she comes prepared with snacks!):

When your child plays on Field 5... (as Sarah usually does)... you get a direct view of this awesome and very old tree that has been respected (i.e. not chopped down) as the park has expanded around it. God's creation is incredible.


Kristy said...

Looks like fun. Maybe one of these days, I will know what it is like to sit on the sidelines for ONE of my kids. Oh, by the way, do the parents and coaches there get RIDICULOUSLY competitive, as they do here?