Saturday, December 12, 2009

A New Favorite

My interest has been kindled in a new candle brand! WoodWick. They can be purchased at Hallmark (and probably elsewhere). I experienced my first one at my friend Sonja's house. The scent she had was Rum Raisin and you needn't worry about finding that fragrance at any Hallmark store in this area, as I have bought them all! :-) The scent is subtle, pleasing and fills the whole house. My favorite, favorite thing, though, is that because of the wood wick, they crackle as they burn! So cozy!! The next one I would like to try is called "Redwood".


Sonja said...

I've also seen them at Cracker Barrel. I know that crackling sound just makes it feel more Christmasy to me!!!!! Love that candle. Never thought I would be saying that! :)

Kristy said...

I am such a candle person. I love them - too much. Funny, as my hubby would rather I never light them - or he'd prefer them all to be UNscented (how horrible). I will surely be checking those out soon! I love autumn scents - harvest and apple pie. I also like vanilla bean and nutmeg (from Bath and Bodyworks).