Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Sarah!

Sarah when she was 3: Sarah today at 14:

How can it be that one minute she was a strong-willed little 3 year-old monster driving her mother insane, writing all over the kitchen with a black sharpie (counter tops, floor, table, wallpaper.....), filling up the garbage can with water and convincing Libby to strip and jump off the couch into the water like it was a pool, running off in stores, calling God a "doody" because she prayed it wouldn't rain and yet it did.... the list goes on. And now she is a beautiful, smart, talented, mature (yet still strong-willed) 14 year old young christian lady with a great sense of humor? I'm struggling with my baby growing up.... but I have very proud of her!


MOM said...

You've done a good job of raising her. Temper tantrums and all.


The Ahmeds said...

Wow! 14 already! I remember when she was 11-12! She, Libby and I didn't get along to well! It was all tittle-tattling, even because I kicked something on accident, or anything..really!
Happy birthday,'ll have a driving girl before too long!!

Kristy said...

What a sweet post! Happy Birthday to Sarah! Looks like (and sounds like) she is growing up to be a lovely young woman. (Even if it is too fast for her Mama!)