Thursday, April 22, 2010

Take Your Child to Work

I was conned into letting the girls stay home yesterday for "Take Your Child to Work Day". Since my "work" is currently at home (btw, being a Homemaker will apparently get you onto a jury REALLY quick) that meant lots of housework and baking. Not wanting them to think this was just a day to stay home and watch TV and sleep (which is what I normally do)... I had a full DOCKET for them. (Okay, the Blog Writer will STIPULATE that for the next few days, she will likely be using a few new court terms that have become a part of her vocabulary since her days in the court system. Don't try to object..... I can't hear you so you are automatically OVERRULED). Anyway.... It turned out to be a great day and I think, in addition to getting alot done, they learned a few things.

We started with laundry, which included lots of folding, sorting and washing sheets and re-making the beds.Then I taught the girls to make bread. I have found a wonderful bread recipe that I will share later and they really seemed to enjoy the kneading process the most. As Libby is showing, they also spent alot of time texting their friends.Then we did some cleaning. Libby actually enjoys dusting.After straightening up downstairs, we focused alot of attention upstairs... particularly on Sarah's room. The Blog Writer would like to submit into evidence the following exhibits, which we will number 1 through 4, which we contend will show that Sarah does not keep her room in a reasonable state of orderliness:
I don't know how or why she lets her room get like that. But here is what it looked like when we were done (two big trash bags later):

The girls then went through a "Just for Kids" cookbook and planned a meal, including making a shopping list.Then we made a trip to the grocery store. While in the produce department, I told Libby to go and pick up a cucumber and pointed in the general direction of where the cucumbers can normally be found. She got over there and, looking at peppers, said, "You know, I don't really know what a cucumber looks like". A lady nearby laughed and helped her locate the cucumbers. At that moment, I realized that it was right and good that the girls had stayed home with me. I had no idea my child couldn't recognize a cucumber in the grocery store. After the cucumber, I sent her to get an onion, which she found without help. But a moment later, Sarah and I saw an onion go rolling by at the end of the aisle where we stood, followed by Libby running after it. We could not stop laughing. Later, she dropped a box of spaghetti and it spilled out on the floor. What was awesome was that when we got to the aisle where they keep the sugar, two men were re-organizing the shelves and one was putting the sugar on the floor and giving it a shove to slide it across the floor to the other man. The girls were amused and we joked that we had found the perfect job for Libby.

Here is what they made for dinner. It's basically a hot dog bun that has been hollowed out and filled with sloppy joe mixture. Then cucumbers, carrots, olives and a pretzel are added to make it look like a car! How fun!
Overall.... it was a successful day! And I enjoyed getting to spend the extra time with them. Of course, I am equally as happy to finally have today to myself. Ladies and Gentleman of my Readership... you are now adjourned to the comment section to deliberate on your verdict on this Blog Post. Please use fair and reasonable judgement.


Melissa said...

Dear Juror Diddy:

Your whole blog is out of order and you can't handle the truth. That is what I know about the judicial system. Oh yeah, and order in the court.

Brenda said...

If you're not careful, I will hold you in contempt of court.

The Ahmeds said...

What a wonderful idea!!! I might need to get Mom into teaching me all that....