Saturday, April 17, 2010

Just Sharing

Krogers has a basket of "clearance" flowers almost all the time now. I found these beauties when I got groceries for $2.00! :-)

I took this picture at a weird angle- but here is Sarah's leg on Day 3 of the injury. It's looking better today. She was able to play in her soccer game this morning.

Found this adorable little decoration item at Hallmark. The verse reference that you probably can't make out is Psalm 100:5. (For the LORD is good and his love endures forever.)

I shopped this week at a consignment sale and got several great deals on clothes for the kids, especially for Jacob. Unfortunately, I didn't look at this pair of boxers very closely until Jacob had them on. I doubt I would have bought them had I noticed this, but, if you know Jacob, you will know that t

hey kind-of "fit". He enjoyed going around and showing everyone! Didn't hesitate a minute to pose for a picture!


Kristy said...

Yikes, poor Sarah! That does look painful!
Yeah, my Jacob would have gotten a kick out of those boxers too!
Love the flowers and especially that frame! I will have to look at our Hallmark.