Monday, September 5, 2011

College and a Lovely Rainy Day

I unpacked the remaining ten boxes from my move last night and got the office more-or-less set up. I've got an olive green wing back chair at the store that I'm going to bring home and put in the corner. I apologize the picture is blurry. There is no light in this room. I bought a floor lamp, but ended up moving it to the living room so I am going to have to get another one.This semester I am taking Ecomonics (again! Don't ask.....or I will start to cry), Statistics, Legal Environment of Business and one called Organizational Communication where we write a bunch of business documents (letters, resume, etc.)

I was most afraid of far it's okay, but I'm still nervous. The Business Law class is the most interesting... although I have to wonder what ANY of this has to do with Accounting. Ha ha. :-) I guess at 41, a person doesn't want to undertake any unnecessary tasks. But, if I want the degree, this is how it must be.

Here is where I sit to do alot of my reading:

And here is my view from that chair. Today it is rainy and cool, so I opened the window so I can smell my evergreens and hear the rain. Peaceful!

Now to stop blogging about it and get back to the books......