Thursday, September 22, 2011

Inside Jokes

On Facebook recently, I reconnected with my old and dear friend, Debi. We became friends in 2nd grade at church (and if you do the math... that was like 34 years ago!) and after high school, we kept in touch a while the way you do and then life gets busy. It was so much fun to catch up with her again. And when we were chatting on FB, she reminded me of something we used to do - something unique to our friendship. Whenever we would write letters/notes to each other in high school to pass in the halls... we would put this at the bottom: "P.S. 234-5847". (That was her phone number growing up- now tell me how I remember that but can't remember to get Sarah to piano lessons at the same time every week?!) Neither of us can remember how it got started, but we ended our chat session with the P.S. and our current numbers. How fun!

And so I've been musing about these little inide jokes or memories or things we will say in relationships that only that one other person will really "get".... here are a few I can think of off the top of my head from my relationships with others....

With my sister.... "I do you like"

With Sarah and Libby...... "Venezoooooola"

With my brother and sister at Christmas.... Exchanging Lifesaver Storybooks

With my mom and dad........ "He/She is a Feducial"

With my friend Sonja's mom..... Ha ha. I can't type that one here. ;-)

With my friend Beth...... "Flower Arranging"

With my friend Tammy..... "Do you want to meet at our hole in the wall?"

(I'm not supposed to share this picture with her trainer! He thinks she's eating "clean" these days!)

And then there's one has as many inside jokes as me and Darcy. We have so many that I'm not sure I even know all of them. Ha ha. Here's a sampling....

Aux Chenex

That's a cute little Putt-Putt

Square Dance Lessons

My huband loves to bowl


Here's my student ID

I'm sick of wearing your dirty clothes

Sword collections

Moto Photo

Well, I would be here all day if I tried to name them all. There are like 1,000.

And this post has no other point. So don't be looking for some profound connection because I'm not going to make one. :-)